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ElRehla (The Journey) works on building collaborative communities. Our programming involves an unconventional retreat experience bringing together different groups of leaders. We work to support three specific groups: 

  1. Corporate leaders and their teams

  2. Industry stakeholders and decision makers

  3. Founders and incubator/accelerator cycles

We build these collaborative communities through a unique program that engages the participants mentally, physically and emotionally. Each of the three experiences lead to very unique results for each group. Find out more and see what our previous participants had to say in each of these experiences.

Our Industry Retreats

Our Founders Retreats

Our Methodolog



Deep connective conversations, business innovation, conflict resolution and inclusive planning


Wellness, fitness, games, digital detoxing and resetting biological clocks


Self reflection, relaxation, nature and artistic expression




A sector-specific retreat where different stakeholders from a particular industry eg. education, employment. The objective is to bring the right leaders together and facilitate valuable discussions.


We facilitate deeper connections between company management and the participating employees. We bring teams closer together through an agenda that connects them mentally and emotionally.


The Founder Retreat is an invaluable experience for founders of scale-ups and early stage startups. Founders engage in meticulously curated programming that develops their connections and peer-to-peer exchange.

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