Corporate Retreats

Our methodology is different from traditional team building retreats and is designed to facilitate a deeper personal connection between company management and it's employees. The flow of our program engages the mental, physical and emotional of the attendees allowing them to connect to their peers in new meaningful ways. Our clients have seen noticeable results on team performance, engagement and team collaborations as a result of our methodology. We customize our agenda to serve both white collar and blue collar teams.

White Collar

Blue Collar



Improvement in the level of understanding between coworkers


Decrease in the level of complaints


Improvement in team productivity





I tremendously enjoyed the depth and quality of your program at El Rehla, which is on par with top global programs that I have attended. El Rehla offers team building, personal development, and alignment with our strategic objectives in a friendly and motivating environment.

—  Ayman Ismail, AUC VLab

We used them for a multi-day retreat in Gouna that included our 15 top staff members across all departments. With a combination of wit, experience, humor and delight they got us to open up, examine our bonds to one another, and cement strong relationships. Months afterwords we still feel rejuvenated and we look forward to next years. Highly recommended

—  Kareem ElSahy, Elves


I have attended so many trainings with the top training agencies in Egypt and I have never been enriched by a training experience like ElRehla’s. You say it’s a holistic experience that targets mind, body, and soul, and truly it is.

—  Noura ElDabba, PWC

We got to know each other closely, sharing life experiences and challenges. Nothing is better than to know people from deep within. I will take back with me fitness, conflicts solving, empathy and team work.

—  Heba Abdelhalim, Giza Systems