Founders Retreat is an invaluable experience for founders of scale-ups and early stage startups. Founders engage in meticulously curated programming that develops their connections and peer-to-peer exchange. The experience creates a highly collaborative network of entrepreneurs with an effective support structure.


Our Achievements


Got relevant comments on product or business feedback leading to innovative changes


Found or got connected to a customer


Strengthened their abilities as leaders


Strengthened their abilities as leaders


Were triggered to improve professional skills that are needed in the labor market


Found or got connected an expert


Amr ElSelouky

The Trainer

The exponential long term effect of El Rehla came to light years after the camp. I really started applying what I learnt in the camp and used the skills I gained. The real value therefore showed 4 to 5 years later and also showed when engaging again with previous campers and seeing the work they have done.


Amna ElShandaweely

Amna ElShandaweely Designs

ElRehla was the first push to launch my brand. In 2016 I was chosen as one of the best Middle East fashion designers participating in Project Runway TV show. My brands name started to be one of the most well known, ethnic wear brand in Egypt.

Hussien Mohieldin


We had amazing, productive and fun time during our annual retreat! It’s definitely a step up for our internal communication and was very much engaging to everyone and left a tremendous positive vibe within each one of us. We love you guys.